Technology Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

I have created this wiki in order to communicate and network our ideas and goals. You will have all access to add content that you feel valuable to share and create discussions within. Also Wikis are an interest to me and their uses and what a great way to learn about technology. Oh and by the way, there is no paper. For the first installment here are 2 videos I found on Youtube. Watch them and respond. One more thing, if there is anyone you would like to join, just invite them.

Great WEB Sites Will Richardson Blog SearchGoogle Teachertube Web 2.0 FischBowl

Did you Know V2

National Technology Tech Plan Executive Summary


Pay Attention

Alan November

3 Skills Students Need to Succeed (This is a YouTube Video and cannot be viewed at a school location).

Adopt and Adapt: Shaping Tech for the Classroom

Twenty-first-century schools need twenty-first-century technology.
by Marc Prensky

Obama Outlines Plan to Put Every Child Online

Smart Pen

A new toy that Mr. Ivers had to get his hands on. Well worth a look.

LMS 3 Year Tech Plan

Kaplan University commercial

New Media Literacies

Did you Know 5

Tech Commandments

Cool Tools for Schools

Web 2.0 Tools

iPhone/iTouch Educational Uses

Cell Phones in School

A Thin Line

Teens Tied to Screen

Trends in Technology

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